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January 30, 2016

D&D Technologies Release New Magnalatch ALERT - Fence And Gate Swimming Pool Safety Lock With Alarm

D&D Technologies, that fabulous Australian manufacturer and world leader in gate hardware proudly release this new addition to their innovative line of gate an fence hardware.

The Magnalatch ALERT is an updated version that includes an audible alarm designed to signal attempted gate openings, further enhancing swimming pool safety, protecting our children from drownings.

The video installation above, explains in graphic detail the ease of installation of this innovative product.

The product still uses a keyed cylinder (standard KW1 keyway) to lock and unlock the product. It also uses concealed fixing plates to prevent tampering with the fittings.

The magnetic latching system assures correct latching every time.


  • Visual “unlatched” alarm
    Visual “unlatched” alarm
    Flashing LED lights give visual notification if the latch is opened and/or the gate is left unlatched.
  • Audible “unlatched” alarm
    Audible “unlatched” alarm
    Hear from a distance if a gate is
    opened or left unlatched. After 15 seconds, an opened gate beep warning will turn to a full alarm.
  • Disarm feature
    Disarm feature
    The touch-sensor disarm feature allows you to temporarily disarm the ALERT for up to 15 minutes. DO NOT use the disarm feature on pool or safety gates.
  • Safer, ergonomic lift knob
    Safer, ergonomic lift knob
    With its new design, the lift knob is now more conveniently shaped and child resistant than ever.
  • Visible Lock Indicator
    Visible Lock Indicator
    Shows you at-a-glance whether MagnaLatch is locked or unlocked. Simple peace of mind.
  • Rekeyable Security Lock
    Rekeyable Security Lock
    The 6-pin lock can be rekeyed to match other locks around the property making safety more convenient.
  • Product traceability
    Product traceability
    Proven superior quality manufacturing.
  • T-track innovation
    T-track innovation
    Both latch body and striker offer superior fixing strength and unsurpassed quality.
  • Built-in post cap spacing
    Built-in post cap spacing
    No more need for separate post cap spacers.
  • Industry leading magnetic technology
    Industry leading magnetic technology
    Tested to 2 million cycles
  • Easier adjustment
    Easier adjustment
    The innovative vertical and horizontal adjustment makes MagnaLatch even simpler to install and adjust for ground shift or gate sag.
  • Permanent magnet sealed from the elements
    Permanent magnet sealed from the elements
  • Alignment indicators
    Alignment indicators
    Now you know when your gate is in proper alignment and makes adjusting for gate saf even easier.
  • Improved drainage in latch & striker
    Improved drainage in latch & striker
    Sloping feature channels water out.
  • High collar under light knob prevents water entry.
    High collar under light knob prevents water entry.
  • Industry's greatest gate/post movement tolerance.
    Industry's greatest gate/post movement tolerance.
  • Protective shroud
    Protective shroud
    Shroud over key helps prevent water entry into the lock cylinder.
  • Space under lift knob
    Space under lift knob
    Helps prevent freezing to top housing.                                                                               
  • January 27, 2016

    Bilock Single Cylinder Deadbolt - Bump Proof, Virtually Pick Proof With Copy Proof Keys

    The Bilock Single Cylinder Deadbolt we are offering here is a Grade 2 (ANSI) deadbolt with 3 keys.

    Available in Polished Brass, Florentine Bronze, Antique Brass and Satin Nickel (Stainless Steel).

    We proudly supply the first 3 keys FREE with any new system.

    This popular product is sought after by many discerning customers desiring to prevent hobby pickers or even professional locksmiths from non-destructive entry.

    • The First 100% Guaranteed Bump Proof Deadbolt Available
    • Brass, Silver, Brown, Antique Brass Finishes
    • 3 Keys Standard Supplied with 1st Lock Ordered
    • Adjustable Backset Mechanism (2-3/8" - 2-3/4")
    • Virtually Unlimited Master Keying
    • Designed to fit in place of existing installations
    • ADA Compliant for Primary Entry Doors
    • $185.00 each
    • ​Additional keys are $10.00 each on initial supply

    We can provide the keyheads in varying colors. There are 20 colors to choose from. There are 3 parts to the keyhead which means, potentially 8000 different color combinations.

    We have built systems for customers that allow for each different key holder to use a different key. That means, if a key is lost or stolen, just that key can be removed from the system without affecting the other key holders.
    You could rekey the locks without the need to hand out new keys to all key holders, saving time, money and the inconvenience. A similar function to a swipe card access control system but totally mechanical and non electronic.

    To purchase this product, click the source below.

    Knock-N-Lock Padlock - The Ultimate Keyless Padlock Prevents Picking or Bumping

    This is the Knock-N-Lock PL554 padlock. This super-intelligent product is designed to work with the unique Knock key fob that allows opening only by authorised fob users.

    The unique method of operation requires the technician to contact their home base for their access code, which is usually texted to their cell phone. They enter the code into the knock key and place the fob against the padlock body.

    The designated knock pattern signals the padlock to unlock.

    Pictured next is the Knock key fob. This is the device used for operating all of the products in the Knock-N-Lock range. Simple to operate and totally secure.

    The fob uses a 10 digit keypad and an Enter button. The user contacts their control center who confirms their identity and proceeds to send their unique opening code to the user.

    One fob can be used to access multiple devices, so carrying one fob only minimizes the need for multiple devices.

    The fob is about 2-5/8" long x about 3/4" wide x about 1-3/4" thick, not much bigger than a typical automobile remote control.

    The increasing quantities of interested users of these fabulous new-age products has taken us by surprise. Other products in the range include hardwired safe locks, cabinet locks, Euro style key cylinders, Swiss style entrance sets and a unique wireless standalone deadbolt for versatile uses.

    More pictures to come in future posts here. Stay Tuned!


    January 23, 2016

    Knock-N-Lock - New Horizons In Access Control

    We have talked about Knock-N-Lock a few times in the last year and we see this technology as the future in access control for the obvious reason. No keyhole or visible access.

    Coming Soon : Meroni Wireless Hidden Access Control System

    The Knock-N-Lock revolution is starting to blossom with more and more facilities converting to this unique access control technology that combines cutting edge technology with superior physical locking components to provide the ultimate in security and access control.

    Imagine being able to secure your entire office using one control key to operate the hidden keyhole that lets you in.

    Preventing burglars and stopping home invasions is the aim of the rapidly improving quality of wireless access control technology that can also benefit discerning homeowners wanting to lock out unwanted intruders while not alerting them as to your secret keyhole.

    If you dont know that there is a lock on the door, how can you determine the easiest non-destructive method of entry?

    Stay tuned for more updates on this fabulous technology

    January 20, 2016

    Masters Home Improvement Centers To Close 63 Stores Across Australia - Big Box Retailer fails To Capture Market Share

    Masters Home Improvement Centers, the joint venture between Australian based Woolworths (supermarkets) and USA based Lowes Home Improvement Stores, announce the closing of their stores.

    According to a survey by Canstar who surveyed more than 2000 consumers, the quantity of complaints has proven insurmountable for the joint venture to succeed.

    Some of the complaints include...

    • Staff can be very vague about products and where they are in the store.
    • It is sometimes hard to find staff to help you in our local store.
    • Staff unhelpful and don’t know their products
    • Staff are not that helpful, can be hard to find things.
    • Mistakes at check-out with a mistake made on most visits.
    • Some of the staff in the gardening section need horticulture experience, especially to give advice about plants.
    • It can be hard to find staff for advice on hardware products.
    • Customer service is poor. Not as helpful or available as Bunnings.
    • Not enough staff in the late afternoon, evenings.
    • Not enough staff.
    • No staff to help you.
    • Couldn’t find a salesperson to help for ages.
    • It was difficult to find what I was looking for and no staff were available to help me, so I had to roam around until I found what I needed.
    • The staff there are not helpful. They are good at talking or consulting but don’t help to lift or move the goods I bought. They are so lazy. At last I have to move the BBQ and furniture I bought by myself. Nobody helped me. They gathered together talking and chatting. They are so lucky to get this kind of job.
    • Not a lot of assistance.
    • Checkout operator was not particularly friendly.
    • Trying to find a staff member to help took a very long time.
    • Some of supervisory staff are autocratic.
    • Was hard to find a staff member.
    • Staff service is very poor below standard.
    • Service can sometimes be slack.
    • Staff rude — don’t understand sizing.
    • Sometimes difficult to find a staff member.
    • Not enough floor staff help.
    • Have had a problem with click-and-collect once because staff couldn’t find the order. Would have been much quicker to find it myself in store.
    • Occasionally can be hard to find someone to help me.
    • Sometimes check-out service is not so good.
    • The item was delivered at 8pm at night after several phone calls to see where it was — put on the wrong truck.

    January 15, 2016

    Bump Keys Made With 3D Printer - Criminals Going High Tech

    Happy New Year and welcome to 2016.

    Bump keys have been in the news for a few years now and the increasing sales of our Bilock Extreme Security products attests to this.

    As pictured here, the Bilock New Generation core is truly the first 100% bump proof pin tumbler product of it's kind.

    Australian Lock Co PTY LTD are the manufacturer of this high security range of cylinders, expertly designed and produced to be able to fit in many leading brands of hardware.

    That means, if you currently have or own a Schlage, Marks, Corbin, Lockwood, Yale, Sargent and many other quality brands of hardware products, you can purchase Bilock cylinders that will fit into these brands.

    We offer a range of high quality LSDA brand deadbolts, knob sets, lever sets in ANSI/BHMA Grade 1, 2 and some 3 level quality. We choose LSDA because they are produced by an American lock and hardware distributor who offers up to 10 year warranties on many of their products and because the products are very well made. We install our own hand built Bilock cylinders within the hardware. We build all our Bilock systems in-house using state-of-the-art computerised master keying technology.
    All cores are keyed up by hand, for quality assurance. All products are tested completely prior to leaving our workshop.

    We recently came across a video on Youtube that shows a fellow, presumably in Europe, who proceeds to bump open a typical high-security pin tumbler cylinder found there. He shows the actual working keys first, then shows the bump key he created on a 3D printer and bumps the cylinder in his hand multiple times. View the video after the break.

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    Danny was very professional and friendly at the same time. He not only gave me the quote and fixed the exterior door and explained his work. He was prompt and upfront about the work and did the work. He came in time took care of it on the same day. (Sasheethn K St Louis MO) June 2018d out problems but assured not urgent. Please feel free to have Danny pass out my number for my total experience review 314-351-5553

    Charlie M. (St Louis, MO) November 2015

    Danny was pleasure to meet and was very knowledgable. He explained several lock replacement options but I decided none of them were a good fit for a storm door, however, I did replace a lock on my entry door with a type of lock I had never seen before. I would highly recommend this company.
    Patricia J (Bridgeton, MO) March 2014
    They were prompt and showed up when he said he would show up. He knew his stuff. I had ordered new handles and he was honest enough to say that we don't need them that he can fix the doors and he did. Made me lock and unlock my doors to his satisfaction so that I knew what to do. Am very, very pleased with the service and cost.
    Joyce K (Glencoe, MO) May 2015

    Showed up on time for appointment. Was very knowledgeable about the project and offered a solution beyond what I asked to be done.
    Stephen G (Chesterfield, MO) May 2015

    Daniel was right on time, assessed the problems I had with two doors, made the repairs, and explained what caused the problems to begin with .... He is a "door expert" and a true professional. I highly recommend him.

    Vince V (St. Louis MO) May, 2015

    Danny was fabulous! He went over my concerns and he provided me with more than a fair quote. He was there when he said he was going to be there. I would highly recommend Danny. Cheers!
    Denise S (Imperial, MO) May 8, 2014

    Hired Danny to re-key locks on "new" house purchase. He advised to replace with new deadbolts & door knobs on 3 entry doors instead which I agreed with. All doors have 1 matching key & the safety of excellent quality product & workmanship. He also added new strike plate to door frame to complete project.. I recommend as your 1st & only call to a Locksmith.

    Denise F (St. Louis, MO) April 3, 2014

    Danny was very helpful in solving a pretty complex problem involving many lock.
    Scott C (Eureka, MO) March 27, 2014

    Needed patio door track to run smoothly. Arrived early, fixed door and explained what he was doing during repair. Quick and easy. Door works great, my wife will now speak to me, and I've become a better dancer.

    Mike W. (Arnold/Oakville MO) July 2013

    The owner spent a longtime with me on the phone helping diagnosis the problem. He was on-time, friendly and helped resolve my issue. I will definitely use him again!

    Chris C (Lake St Louis, MO) July 2013

    I had a very pleasant experience with Master Key Systems. They came out, did the job (which took longer than expected) and they did not change the price they quoted me. Now, I am not certain that it was a great value for the money because I don't have a comparison, but they did what they said, when they said, for the price they said. Enough said!!!

    Antonio B (Saint Louis, Missouri) March 2013

    Professional.. Upfront about charges. Fixed the sticky door within 20 minutes. I will recommend Master Key for exterior door issues.
    Muthu R (Ballwin, MO) July 2012

    Danny was a master craftsman, knowledgable and professional. I will be calling on him again in the future as well as passing on his services to friends and family.

    Marsha L (Saint Louis, MO) July 2012

    Danny was excellent! I called him on a Monday to fix a sliding glass door. He happened to have the exact part we needed (and it was not an easy find - we had looked everywhere) and he came over Tuesday evening. He stayed until 8:00 until the job was done, and cleaned up afterwards. He was courteous, professional, and efficient! I could not be happier!

    Rachel P Maryland Heights, MO (July 2012)

    He did an excellent job. Got there on time and quickly solved the issue. Was very pleasant and explained the situation and how to keep the door from sticking in the future. Would definitely use Master Key LLC again!

    Neil F. (Saint Louis, MO) April 2012

    Danny was very friendly and knowledgeable, although his apprentice seemed to do most of the work, Danny kept an eye on him to make sure it was done right. He had very reasonable pricing for re-keying.
    Greg D (St Louis, MO) October 2011

    He was extrememly fabulous and helpful and did a wonderful job. He was very professional.
    Shannon M. (Arnold, MO) October 2011

    Growing up spending so much of my time in Italy, the uniqueness of the Nova Classico left quite an impression on me. To be able to have and enjoy them in my own home here in the states is a nostalgic indulgence I'm enjoying beyond words. Thank you Danny for coordinating this transaction.

    Joseph M (Chicago, IL) September 2011

    great job. hired on the spot and he did job right then at great price

    Ron B (Arnold, MO) July 2011

    I searched the internet and found your services. I received three phone calls within several days. A service call was scheduled. Two gentlemen arrived promptly, analyzed the problem and fixed it.
    James & Florenc M Saint Louis, MO July 2011

    The repairman was on time and did an excellent job of fixing a very stubborn door lock. He was persistent and cleaned up the work area afterwards. I would use this service again.

    Brenda F (Saint Peters, MO) June 2011

    Danny at Master Key Systems has succeeded in making the purchasing of our Meroni door locks, from Italy, an absolute breeze. Even though I live in Australia with a 16hr time difference and was ordering door knobs from Italy that weren't in stock, the whole process was faultless. Danny was prompt and efficient with all his emails and made sure we had covered every possible variable so that the product I received was exactly as required. I would have no hesitation in recommending Danny for your next purchase.
    Patrick Carr (Canberra, Australia)

    Your product really helped because I needed to secure a nurse's station adjacent to a waiting room and needed a pocket door. Unfortunately, no real options were available to lock a pocket door effectively that would keep me compliant with HIPAA and secure an area that stores medical supplies. This was vitally important as this particular waiting room was for "waiting detox patients". Thank you very much.
    Randall R The Fritz Clinic (Birmingham, Al) March 2011

    Danny was very polite and knew what the problem was and how to fix it. He also gave me some information about other issues that could arise with my door and locks. Will hire again if I ever need that type of work done.
    Jason M Imperial, MO March 2011

    I had an exterior basement door that dragged when opening and closing. The hinges were not fitting properly and the door frame had shifted, probably due to the age of the house.The screwswould not go far enough into the wall without hitting stone...even using a special drill bit. Dan worked a long time drilling and sanding to shore up the door as best as possible. I know it will never be perfect. He could have easily sold me a new door and the same issue would happen. He was honest, thorough, and did an excellent job without charging me a fortune. I'm satisfied with the door now. If you want an honest, experienced man, Then Dan is the man

    Roger M Saint Louis, MO March 2011

    I purchased the Cowdroy P697 Pocket door lock with key over the internet. I emailed questions before my purchase and was provided with the answers quickly by return email. The purchase was quick and easy and the lock was shipped immediatly. Installation is quick and easy. But you do need to convert millimeters to inches (use the internet) in the installation instructions. And the lock looks great and works great. I will do business with them again. THANK YOU

    Ed D (February, 2011)

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