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March 11, 2022

Male Chastity - Personal Security Protection that's Different

 We originally posted the article below in January 2011 and it has gathered thousands of views online. The sellers have updated their product offerings in due course and we highly suggest checking out the source for their updated products.

Male Chastity - Unusual Security Product

I thought long and hard (forgive the pun) about whether or not to post this article, for obvious reasons.
But I decided that it fits into the unusual and unique security products category, if you open your mind a bit.
This product was originally tailored to women but could be considered by any chosen persuasion, keen on keeping their male partners from straying.
Of course you can choose your own preferred brand of padlock.

March 8, 2022

What Is Your Preferred Door Hardware Color Finish?

 What Is Your Preferred Door Hardware Finish?

What is your preferred door hardware color finish? We have been taking a long look through our invoices over the last 15 years and determined the most popular and preferred color finish selections from our vast list of clients.

The stock photo above is an image of a piece of nickel. We include it here because of the sudden rise in the market price of nickel ore, just in the last 2 days. We suspect there are obvious reasons for this sudden spike, given the political and economic upheavals our world is currently experiencing, but this story made me think about the most common request for color finishes of door hardware, knobs, deadbolts, lever entrance sets. thumbpress entrance locksets, hinges, peepholes, door sweeps, blocker plates, wrap-arounds etc, among some of the products we have sold, serviced and installed over the years.

The common finishes in the market in the USA and other countries around the world are pretty much similar even though some places choose varying preferences, which could be regional among other reasons. 

I'm sure people across the industry and around the world, decorators, interior and exterior designers, locksmiths, builders, retailers etc would enjoy understanding why some color selections are made over others and if you would like to share your preferred color finish choices in the comments below that'd be great.

According to our deep dive into our books, the preferred door hardware color finishes are topped by the Satin Nickel choice.

Antique Brass comes a distant second followed closely by polished brass, with venetian bronze and florentine bronze bringing up the rear. Black is finding more traction in recent years but is still farther down the list of preferences.

We have been representing a few manufacturers over the last 15 years, including Serrature Meroni products, Assa-Abloy Lockwood, Schlage, Kwikset, Weslock, Hooply, to name a few. 

Many contractors and retailers will offer a variety of color options to fit the unique tastes of clients. Simply ask your chosen contractor if your desired door hardware color finish is available.

If you want to know more about door hardware color finishes and styles of door hardware, Contact Us on 314-266-1533 or by email and a customer service person will be glad to help.

March 2, 2022

Sliding Patio Door Repairs - Continuing Requests for our Experience


We have been operating in the lock and door hardware and door repair industry for most of the last 40 years across four continents and continue to service and repair doors and door hardware for our clients today. Sometimes we receive requests to install new hardware and lock and key systems, unique door furniture that is also of a more pleasing aesthetic nature

Today, we attended to a returning clients needs after about 5 years, where the particular sliding door we worked on, had a new issue.

Previously (5 years ago) the door was incredibly difficult for the homeowners to operate because the sliding door rollers fitted to the bottom had seized up. At that time, we removed the door and carefully cleaned the sliding door rollers of the build up of animal hair, dirt, grime and other blockages, that were contributing to the problems. We used our preferred brand of lubricant to lubricate and protect the existing sliding door rollers ensuring continued use for many years to come.

Yesterday, the customer called us after 5 years requesting additional service to the same door but not for the same issue. This time the actual handle had snapped on the inside. As luck would have it, we actually had one left of the same design handle mechanism, in the same color finish and made the appointment to attend today to complete the necessary repair.

Upon our arrival onsite, the customer explained that the handle snapped yesterday because the door was slowly becoming increasingly harder to operate and slide and the handle was becoming more loose over time.

We try to be pedantic about our repair methods and after replacing the broken handle, also decided to lubricate the track and sliding door rollers again (after 5 years). The resulting repairs allow the door to slide like butter on a hot fry-pan again.

Benefits Of Using Lock210/St Louis Locksmiths For Your Sliding Patio Door Repair Projects
  • 40 years local, national and international knowledge and experience
  • Qualified, knowledgeable and field-experienced technicians
  • Unique Security Products and Accessories
  • Bonded, Insured and Quality Assured
  • Cost-effective solutions to fit any budget
  • local family owned and operated
If you are in need of quality and experienced professional technicians to complete your unique and discerning installation project, Contact Locks210/St Louis Locksmiths today  on (314)266-1533 and enjoy a similar experience that our customers continue to rave about and call us back for, for years to come.

February 20, 2022

Securing Church Sacristy - Installing New Lock

 A long time and continuing client of ours contacted us last week to install their provided cam-lock to their church sacristy and wanted it keyed to suit their existing key, that operates other locks across their facility. The church already had their maintenance person install a barrel bolt to the fixed leaf of the proposed cupboard.

The difficulty was, they currently use a Ronis brand of cam-lock system in many of their other cupboards across other parts of their facility. They decided to purchase the particular cam-lock from a big box hardware, hoping it could easily be just keyed alike to their existing key. Ronis brand hardware is not a common brand of hardware found in many general supply houses or big box hardware stores and it can be difficult to re-key any old lock to their desired key.

A professional tradesperson will understand the requirements to be able to convert another brand of lock to operate with a different brand of key and often there is no way to perform the miracle and purchasing the same brand of lock is required. 

In this case, we immediately discovered that their desired key would not enter the key-way of the new lock. Being the trained and field experienced tradesman I am, i was able to modify the core to accept their desired Ronis key and could then re-key the core to the Ronis key combination.

We are choosing to not show the method we use to modify the chosen brand of core and below we will show you the installation procedure.

The first step in any installation project is to always protect the contents of the cupboard where you are working. Now, you can obviously empty the cupboard if you want, prior to beginning your work or you can choose to cover the contents with drop/cover sheets.

By using covering material to protect the contents of the cupboard, the valuable contents are protected, ensuring continued usability and cleanliness.

Again, the choice is for the installer or the site manager to make but in this case, they chose to just get it done and let the installer choose. 

It's very important that any installer of anything, be sure to accurately measure and mark before drilling anything at all. A professional will not just measure once, but probably 2-3 times, to ensure they are being as accurate as possible. It makes no sense to just do anything by eye or just wing it, as some DIY'ers might choose. If your customer is paying for a professional service, then do it the right way please.

I choose to pre-drill my first holes with a smaller drill bit, to enable me to make sure of my accuracy. If I'm out a bit, by using a smaller drill bit, i can still relocate my first hole if needed.

I like to start with a small hole drilled from the inside in the right location before switching to the outside and drilling too. This way I make a nice clean hole, generally without cracking the edges of the nicely finished and painted door.

After drilling a small hole from each side, I then can either use a spade bit or a hole saw of the appropriate size to drill the hole required for the case of the lock assembly.

Then put the collar ring and lock case into your hole, attach the appropriate cam, in this case an off-set cam that butts against the fixed leaf (other door).
Dont forget to clean up all your mess and test to finish.

Benefits Of Using Lock210/St Louis Locksmiths For Your Lock Installation Projects
  • 40 years local, national and international knowledge and experience
  • Qualified, knowledgeable and field-experienced technicians
  • Unique Security Products and Accessories
  • Bonded, Insured and Quality Assured
  • Cost-effective solutions to fit any budget
  • local family owned and operated
If you are in need of quality and experienced professional technicians to complete your unique and discerning installation project, Contact Locks210/St Louis Locksmiths today an enjoy a similar experience that our customers continue to rave about and call us back for, for years to come.

February 17, 2022

How To Re-key Old Yale Mortise Deadbolt Locks

How do you re-key old Yale mortise deadbolt locks? 
This week we completed a re-key project for a new customer that involved these 75 year old Yale double cylinder mortise deadbolts. Pictured here is the image of one cylinder installed to the outside of the back door. At the left of the image you can see where someone had deliberately drilled the connecting screw to remove the ability to unscrew the screw from outside.
To be able to remove the cylinders from these really old Yale mortise deadbolts, both inside and outside connecting screws require to come out before the cylinders can be removed for re-keying.

Getting the screws out is not difficult, but that's why we are called as opposed to a handyman or carpenter contractor.

Just about any locksmith with some experience will know the method and skill required to easily disassemble any lock that uses these type of blind screws or bolts, without destruction and enabling the ability to reuse the same screws or bolts when putting the locks back together.

 Pictured next is the image of the cylinder on my bench, already removed from the door. You can clearly see the connecting screw hole.

This image displays the reverse side of the Yale mortise deadbolt cylinder. This style of Yale Mortise deadbolt lock was designed using the original rim style of pin tumbler cylinder, originally patented in 1865 by Linus Yale Jr.

Rekeying these types of older Yale cylinders can be a trap for younger players or less experienced technicians and we will explain the method below to help you with disassembly.

My pointer here is aimed at the retainer clip that holds the tail piece and cover to the rear of the cylinder and core. It is necessary to carefully squeeze the ends of the clip together first.

The next image shows me applying pressure to the retainer clip to allow the clip to be withdrawn from the back of the core.

Here you can see the clip beginning to come out of the cover plate that holds the tail piece on. Carefully use an awl to lever the clip from the core.

This image shows the retainer clip, almost fully withdrawn from the tail piece cover assembly. If you're careful enough, you will not damage the tiny clip enabling you to reuse it for reassembly,

Next, we were also required to disassemble an equally as old entrance knobset to extract the cylinder core for re-keying. To be able to remove the core (plug) from the cylinder it is necessary to remove the rear tail piece and cap assembly and retainer circlip, before you can then remove the core (plug) from the cylinder and replace the tumblers.

Here is an image of the tail piece assembly and retainer circlip removed and the cylinder ready for re-keying.
Some technicians may choose to not disassemble the clip and tail piece, preferring to remove and replace the top cap from the bible (top pinning chamber).

We choose to not show the actual re-pinning method and combination of the re-keyed locks, to protect the customers interests.

Benefits Using Locks210/St Louis Locksmiths For Your Re-Keying Projects
  • Almost 40 years local, national and international experience
  • Qualified, knowledgeable and field-experienced technicians
  • Quantity discounts
  • High-quality product options
  • Quality Assurance
  • Family owned and operated local business
Are you concerned how many keys exist to your home?
When you purchase your new home or move into your new rental property, it is common to want to be the only ones to have keys to your place. You can choose to purchase complete new locks and door hardware or simply contact your local locksmith to simply re-key your existing locks at much less cost, while maintaining the existing products and aesthetics. Contact Locks210/St Louis Locksmiths today and experience the difference we are known for.

January 24, 2022

Auto Door Bottoms and Sweeps prevent Cold Air Coming In and Save on Heating and Cooling Costs

The video here shows a common DIY method to deal with cold air coming in through your external doors.

How To Stop Cold or Warm Air From Coming In...

There are many DIY options in the wider market that offer some interesting and sometimes odd methods to control the flow of air through entry doors on our homes. Often, homeowners choose to contract a professional door repairer like ourselves to provide them with a solution that is professional and permanent, without they having to repeatedly perform a task.

We here at St Louis Locksmiths and Door Repair continue to provide our customers with unique solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. We provide solutions that not only secure your properties but also contribute to reducing your heating and cooling costs.

Another innovative product that we recommend is the Pemko range of automatic door bottoms and sweeps. These awesome products are uniquely designed to provide relief from cold air or warm air that enters under your door during winter or summer seasons.

The first image above displays the full mortise version of a Pemko Auto Door Bottom. Unlike common door sweeps found today on many entry doors, these Pemko Auto Door Bottoms are uniquely designed to automatically seal the bottom of your doors, only when the door is closed. This unique feature extends the life expectancy of a door sweep because the seal only activates when the door is physically shut. When the door opens, the seal rises to prevent the typical wear and tear you see from other brands and types of door bottoms and sweeps. This mortised door bottom and sweep, requires your door to be removed to install.

The next image is of a Pemko Surface Mounted Auto Door Bottom and Sweep. Similarly to the mortised version, the door bottom and sweep is designed to automatically lower only when the door is closed and rise automatically when the door is opened. this surface mounted version can be installed without the need to remove and refit your door.

Benefits St Louis Locksmiths and Door Repairs provides:

  • Unique Security Products and Services
  • 40+ years of local and international experience
  • Widespread Knowledge of Unique and Diverse products
  • Experienced, Qualified and Bonded Technicians
  • Cost Conscious professionals
  • Labor and Parts Warranty

Want to Learn more about how to save on your heating and cooling costs?

If you are ready to save on your heating and cooling costs, Contact St Louis Locksmiths and Door Repairs Here and our technicians will provide you an obligation free on-site estimate.

January 20, 2022

Meroni Nova Locksets ON SALE...

 In answer to a recent customer inquiry about some color finish options, to replace the locksets installed on their doors at their home we decided to put together actual live images photographed ourselves in our home studio light box. Not being professional photographers we hope the images below sufficiently display the actual colors you will see if you fit the lock sets to your doors at home or the office....

Click on the image for larger pictures.

 This color finish is Nickel Aluminum finish

Code: N11 Passage Set
Color NA

Also available in N12 Privacy (bathroom) function
 this finish is PE or Pearl Grey (off white)

Code: N11 Passage
Color: PE

Also available in Privacy (bathroom) function
 Interior view
 This image displays the US2B Satin Stainless Steel color

Code: N11 Passage
Color US2B

Also available in Privacy (bathroom) function

 inside view
 This is the white handle with black buttons

Code: N12 Privacy
Color: BO White

Also available in Passage function
 This image displays the N12 Privacy in GG Gun Metal White

Code: N12 Privacy
Color GG Gun Metal White

Also available in Passage function
 inside view
 This image displays the N12 Privacy (bathroom) function in Gun Metal Grey

Code: N12 Privacy
Color: GW Gun Metal Grey

Also available in Passage function
 Inside view
 This image displays the N12 Privacy (bathroom) function is satin brass ALIA (brass buttons and face caps)

Code: N12

Color: US4 ALIA

Also available in Passage function
 inside view
 This image displays the N12 Privacy (bathroom) function in US4 Satin Brass (with black buttons and face caps)

Code N12
Color US4 Satin Brass

Also available in Passage function
 inside view
 This image displays the N12 Privacy (bathroom) function in US26 Alia, Polished Chrome

Code N12 privacy
Color US26 Alia (chrome buttons and face caps)

Also available in N11 passage function
 inside view
 This image displays the N12 Privacy (bathroom) function in US26D Satin Chrome

Note that the color is very similar to the first image above although it is slightly different.

Code: N12 privacy
Color US26 Satin Chrome (with black buttons and face caps)

Also available in N11 Passage function

Inside view

The colors displayed above are just some of the available colors we have in stock.
We also have Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Brown, Polished Brass and others.

Many of the colors listed above can also be special ordered in:
N13 - Keyed Entry Version
N14 - Hotel Room Function (outside handle without push button) key only releases latch, inside handle always unlocked for emergency escape,
N15 - Double cylinder (key unlocks from either inside or outside),
N17 - Entry (key unlocks outside button, inside always unlocked),
N20 - Fixed Dummy Knobs (like for a cupboard door that doesnt require locking),
N21 - Outside fixed knob (no button)
N24 - Hotel Indicator Function (outside knob without push button, unlocked only by key; inside thumbturn activates occupancy indicator if provided)

Normally, all Meroni hardware is custom built to order.
Be aware that there are varying length latches: 60mm (2-3/8"), 70mm (2-3/4"), 80mm (3") and 127mm (5"). latches are available in round ended or square ended faceplates, rebated (rabbited) version, most latches can be ordered with a security deadlatching function too.
Also, there are varying styles and colors of roses too. The standard rose (pictured in the images above) is black nylon. Other roses are available in black metal, satin stainless steel, polished chrome plate, satin brass, brown, antique brass (corinthian).

We do have sufficient stock of most colors in privacy and passage function.

Prices vary based on your custom requirements, contact us for individual pricing.

As a New Year Special, we are offering all Non-Keyed privacy and passage locksets we have in stock, in multitudes of colors, for $9 each. When you order 5 or more we will throw in shipping too

Email us your preferred color and quantity and we can send you an online invoice and shipping time.

January 15, 2022


 This week's services.......


  • Installed a new Bilock system this week.
  • Made keys to 6 German made Lockable fixed umbrella. Used a Yamaha motor cycle keyblank.
  • Reset a returning customers digital lock we installed  11 years ago. Still working great today.
  • Sudden 5 door rekey on restaurant.
  • Unlock house.... 15 minutes no damage.
  • Rekeyed 3 houses
  • Installed Meroni N13 entrance set

There is life on this planet, after all.

Onward and forward!

Home Advisor (formerly Service Magic) Testimonials And Sites That Recommend Us

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Danny was very professional and friendly at the same time. He not only gave me the quote and fixed the exterior door and explained his work. He was prompt and upfront about the work and did the work. He came in time took care of it on the same day. (Sasheethn K St Louis MO) June 2018d out problems but assured not urgent. Please feel free to have Danny pass out my number for my total experience review 314-351-5553

Charlie M. (St Louis, MO) November 2015

Danny was pleasure to meet and was very knowledgable. He explained several lock replacement options but I decided none of them were a good fit for a storm door, however, I did replace a lock on my entry door with a type of lock I had never seen before. I would highly recommend this company.
Patricia J (Bridgeton, MO) March 2014
They were prompt and showed up when he said he would show up. He knew his stuff. I had ordered new handles and he was honest enough to say that we don't need them that he can fix the doors and he did. Made me lock and unlock my doors to his satisfaction so that I knew what to do. Am very, very pleased with the service and cost.
Joyce K (Glencoe, MO) May 2015

Showed up on time for appointment. Was very knowledgeable about the project and offered a solution beyond what I asked to be done.
Stephen G (Chesterfield, MO) May 2015

Daniel was right on time, assessed the problems I had with two doors, made the repairs, and explained what caused the problems to begin with .... He is a "door expert" and a true professional. I highly recommend him.

Vince V (St. Louis MO) May, 2015

Danny was fabulous! He went over my concerns and he provided me with more than a fair quote. He was there when he said he was going to be there. I would highly recommend Danny. Cheers!
Denise S (Imperial, MO) May 8, 2014

Hired Danny to re-key locks on "new" house purchase. He advised to replace with new deadbolts & door knobs on 3 entry doors instead which I agreed with. All doors have 1 matching key & the safety of excellent quality product & workmanship. He also added new strike plate to door frame to complete project.. I recommend as your 1st & only call to a Locksmith.

Denise F (St. Louis, MO) April 3, 2014

Danny was very helpful in solving a pretty complex problem involving many lock.
Scott C (Eureka, MO) March 27, 2014

Needed patio door track to run smoothly. Arrived early, fixed door and explained what he was doing during repair. Quick and easy. Door works great, my wife will now speak to me, and I've become a better dancer.

Mike W. (Arnold/Oakville MO) July 2013

The owner spent a longtime with me on the phone helping diagnosis the problem. He was on-time, friendly and helped resolve my issue. I will definitely use him again!

Chris C (Lake St Louis, MO) July 2013

I had a very pleasant experience with Master Key Systems. They came out, did the job (which took longer than expected) and they did not change the price they quoted me. Now, I am not certain that it was a great value for the money because I don't have a comparison, but they did what they said, when they said, for the price they said. Enough said!!!

Antonio B (Saint Louis, Missouri) March 2013

Professional.. Upfront about charges. Fixed the sticky door within 20 minutes. I will recommend Master Key for exterior door issues.
Muthu R (Ballwin, MO) July 2012

Danny was a master craftsman, knowledgable and professional. I will be calling on him again in the future as well as passing on his services to friends and family.

Marsha L (Saint Louis, MO) July 2012

Danny was excellent! I called him on a Monday to fix a sliding glass door. He happened to have the exact part we needed (and it was not an easy find - we had looked everywhere) and he came over Tuesday evening. He stayed until 8:00 until the job was done, and cleaned up afterwards. He was courteous, professional, and efficient! I could not be happier!

Rachel P Maryland Heights, MO (July 2012)

He did an excellent job. Got there on time and quickly solved the issue. Was very pleasant and explained the situation and how to keep the door from sticking in the future. Would definitely use Master Key LLC again!

Neil F. (Saint Louis, MO) April 2012

Danny was very friendly and knowledgeable, although his apprentice seemed to do most of the work, Danny kept an eye on him to make sure it was done right. He had very reasonable pricing for re-keying.
Greg D (St Louis, MO) October 2011

He was extrememly fabulous and helpful and did a wonderful job. He was very professional.
Shannon M. (Arnold, MO) October 2011

Growing up spending so much of my time in Italy, the uniqueness of the Nova Classico left quite an impression on me. To be able to have and enjoy them in my own home here in the states is a nostalgic indulgence I'm enjoying beyond words. Thank you Danny for coordinating this transaction.

Joseph M (Chicago, IL) September 2011

great job. hired on the spot and he did job right then at great price

Ron B (Arnold, MO) July 2011

I searched the internet and found your services. I received three phone calls within several days. A service call was scheduled. Two gentlemen arrived promptly, analyzed the problem and fixed it.
James & Florenc M Saint Louis, MO July 2011

The repairman was on time and did an excellent job of fixing a very stubborn door lock. He was persistent and cleaned up the work area afterwards. I would use this service again.

Brenda F (Saint Peters, MO) June 2011

Danny at Master Key Systems has succeeded in making the purchasing of our Meroni door locks, from Italy, an absolute breeze. Even though I live in Australia with a 16hr time difference and was ordering door knobs from Italy that weren't in stock, the whole process was faultless. Danny was prompt and efficient with all his emails and made sure we had covered every possible variable so that the product I received was exactly as required. I would have no hesitation in recommending Danny for your next purchase.
Patrick Carr (Canberra, Australia)

Your product really helped because I needed to secure a nurse's station adjacent to a waiting room and needed a pocket door. Unfortunately, no real options were available to lock a pocket door effectively that would keep me compliant with HIPAA and secure an area that stores medical supplies. This was vitally important as this particular waiting room was for "waiting detox patients". Thank you very much.
Randall R The Fritz Clinic (Birmingham, Al) March 2011

Danny was very polite and knew what the problem was and how to fix it. He also gave me some information about other issues that could arise with my door and locks. Will hire again if I ever need that type of work done.
Jason M Imperial, MO March 2011

I had an exterior basement door that dragged when opening and closing. The hinges were not fitting properly and the door frame had shifted, probably due to the age of the house.The screwswould not go far enough into the wall without hitting stone...even using a special drill bit. Dan worked a long time drilling and sanding to shore up the door as best as possible. I know it will never be perfect. He could have easily sold me a new door and the same issue would happen. He was honest, thorough, and did an excellent job without charging me a fortune. I'm satisfied with the door now. If you want an honest, experienced man, Then Dan is the man

Roger M Saint Louis, MO March 2011

I purchased the Cowdroy P697 Pocket door lock with key over the internet. I emailed questions before my purchase and was provided with the answers quickly by return email. The purchase was quick and easy and the lock was shipped immediatly. Installation is quick and easy. But you do need to convert millimeters to inches (use the internet) in the installation instructions. And the lock looks great and works great. I will do business with them again. THANK YOU

Ed D (February, 2011)

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