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July 5, 2019

Closing for Family Commitments Abroad

We are closing due to family commitments abroad.
We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding

June 27, 2019

Smart Speakers Are All The Rage Today Except....

We have written numerous articles over the last 12 years about locks, lock systems, safes, master key systems, doors, repair techniques etc.

Curiously, smart speakers like those offered by Amazon, Google and others have certainly made many of our lives significantly easier but they are found wanting too, as the above video, comediclee shows,

We posted the above video to our social networking pages and are seeing increasing views and likes from our viewers.

It does bring up a topical discussion though and one we feel is important to our readers here too.

Some of the articles we have written about new age smart locks can be seen here

In the above video, the man returns home only being unable to gain entry. Smart locks, for all their good intentions, suffer from many issues that should be considered prior to purchase.

Issues that can include:

  • Poor Battery Life
  • Weathering
  • Low Security
  • Hardware Failure
  • Increasing Insurance Premiums

Poor Battery Life

Many of today's smart locks operate using 4 AA batteries. We suspect manufacturers decided to use these low power systems due to their extremely cheap price points. 
I find repeatedly, customers often calling for locksmith services where their batteries have failed and they either do not have their mechanical over ride key available or their product has no mechanical key over ride function

It's not just digital smart locks. We are also seeing increasing calls to open safes, where battery failure is a common symptom. Often there are additional issues besides poor battery life including internal wiring not lasting or corroding that contribute to other issues where just replacing dead batteries may seem like a simple fix.


Weathering is another common pitfall that occurs repeatedly with battery operated smart locks. Often, once installed the lock will operate efficiently for sometimes 3 months before the user may need to replace batteries. But even correctly installed locks suffer from earth movements that affect the correct alignment of doors into their frames. This will often make operating the deadbolt too difficult for the motor inside the product to correctly throw the bolt. People may leave their homes expecting their door to lock behind them automatically, whereas they are often unaware that the product failed to adequately lock and secure their doors.

Other weathering issues rarely considered include, many digital smart locks are installed to external doors or prime entry doors, Sure the batteries might be on the inside but the keypad will be outside and naturally affected by changing weather. In some regions high humidity can cause internal  components to attract condensation. The water can make internal electrical components to short circuit. Also, when the weather patterns change to cold conditions, the freezing air and rain etc can cause batteries to wear down faster.

Low Security

Many manufacturers, to compete in the global marketplace, decided to use lightweight materials in the construction of their products. Security and access control are some of the reasons some people choose battery operated lock systems. Why anyone who cares about their families security and peace of mind, would choose to spend ~$195+ for a poor quality digital door lock, that is designed to fail within (often) 2 years, puzzles me!

Remembering that it is often all about price, how much is the security and ease of use worth to you?
Often consumers may spend hundreds of dollars on clothes and shoes or thousands of dollars on furniture, electronics or art only to secure their homes with cheap lock systems, It doesnt make any logical sense.

Hardware Failure

Like mentioned above, "the pain of poor quality lasts longer than the pleasure, cheap price provides"


"if you only want to pay peanuts expect to get monkeys"

Consulting your local trained professional locksmith before purchasing locks or other door hardware would be your best approach, in my opinion. Locksmiths have deliberately chosen to train to provide customers with quality offerings aimed at making your lives easier and secure.

You trust your mechanic to fix your car, You trust your electrician to keep your lights working. You trust your plumber to keep the water flowing. Doesnt it make perfect sense to trust your locksmith to keep your home secure?

Increasing Insurance Premiums

An often overlooked issue that many purchasers of digital door locks rarely consider is how installing a digital door lock might affect the amount of insurance you pay.

A number of companies including Walmart, Amazon and others are embarking on delivering groceries and purchases made online to homes and entering your homes to deliver, stock the fridge etc. These new services are attempts to deal with the porch theft phenomena that has resulted in recent years with the expanding delivery markets, While this practise might be considered more secure and more convenient, are you really willing to open your private abode to persons you dont know?

Insurance companies are salivating at the opportunities presented by allowing access to your private dwellings from people who "don't belong".

Also, many digital door lock users will give each user a code. How sure are you that any person is not sharing a code? How would you know if someone who is not authorized, enters your home?

Mechanical keys provide much more immediate security than digital locks because you must have and use a key to operate your lock. Besides the significantly cheaper cost of mechanical products, no requirement to replace batteries ever, even the ease to lock your door if weather affects your installation, you are better protected by using a key to access your property.

This article is primarily about digital battery operated products. Many commercial systems are significantly more expensive for good reason. They are made with higher quality components, often use stronger batteries or are hard wired to mains power. You see many commercial installations that use card/fob access control systems where you simply present your credential to a user interface. These are deliberately hard wired systems, because they last much longer and work continuously without having to maintain batteries.

June 12, 2019

Walmart To Offer Free In House Delivery Including Stocking Your Fridge

A new service by Walmart, introduced this week is set to compete with Amazon for home deliveries of products ordered. Except that Walmart will have their couriers unlock your door, enter your kitchen, open your fridge and stock your purchased groceries on your behalf.

All you have to do is install a wifi operated lock to your entry door, give permission to Walmart employees to enter your home and to stock your fridge.

That all sounds wonderful, doesnt it?

Amazon introduced a similar service last year after successfully merging their acquisition of Ring and Bleep into their company, We wrote a few articles about Amazon Key and related services here.

Are you owner or resident,willing to allow people you dont know, permission to enter your home when youre not there, have access to your kitchen and pretty much the run of your house?

Are you prepared to pay the increased insurance premiums that will no doubt be incurred?

Even if these companies compel their employees to wear body cameras, so you can view them as they enter your private home, are you really going to open yourself to the privacy concerns?

Modern technologies are great in idea and sometimes in practise. But some ideas are just plain silly.
As a locksmith security specialist, experienced technician and appraiser, I continue to explain to my customers the pitfalls of some modern electronic battery operated security products. Many will agree with me once they understand the potential security and privacy concerns.

I often discuss with clients about their current push button battery operated deadbolt they may have fitted. In many of these discussions, the client points out that, after the third or fourth time replacing the batteries, they will go back to using the mechanical key. The most common reason, is they did not expect the regular and repeated need to replace batteries, adding significantly to their cost of their chosen product. Combine this with they being locked out of their residence when they least expect it and still requiring to call a locksmith to pick their lock open due to not carrying their key.

Electronics do indeed improve our quality of life. But at the exhorbitant cost of a ~$250+ electronic lock, that is more prone to power failure, weathering, house and door movement etc, requiring increased maintenance over the mechanical products that have been around for hundreds of years, the cost differences alone, one might think to keep using and relying on maintenance free security.


May 26, 2019

Door Repair - Replacing Broken External Frame Part

 We havent written in our blog for over a month, although we still have been busy with projects.

One project we completed recently, was for a returning client that requested a door repair.

A powerful wind storm had taken hold of his storm door and the door closer failed because the screws that hold the bracket to the frame were not long enough to effectively hold the door to the frame.

The result is what was pictured here, the frame breaking in half, exposing the poor workmanship that contributed to the problem.
 You can see in this second image, where the door frame broke away from the rest of the frame and the exposed hole in the top corner underneath the brickwork.

When we arrived initially to survey the project (free quote), we advised the client that the usual practise was to completely replace the door and frame.

The client inquired as to the cost and we informed them that the average cost in the St Louis region was between $1500 and $2400 depending on the selection of replacement door and frame.

The average cost for a standard external door and frame (no glass window in door) in this region, at discount hardware chains like Menards can be ~$480-$700 depending on color, style and preference. Average installation by a trained and qualified technician can be ~$800 - $1200.
 Notice the shape of the protruding cinder blocks and brickwork.

You can also see how the original door frame is constructed,

The use of round wooden splints to connect the outer part of the original frame to the other section of the frame displays the 'cheapy" construction of an average door and frame.
 This image shows the bottom portion of the brickwork and cinder blocks and the threshold.

The client did contact a few other door installers at our advice to compare costs and called us back because we were the only ones to offer a solution that did not require complete door and frame replacement.

Our cost effective solution was to provide a single piece of hardwood 4x4, custom shaped onsite to the shape of the brickwork and cinder blocks, enabling complete coverage of the exposed cavity.
Because the house was still settling and the foundations shifting (after 50+ years since original construction), the door cavity was crooked and we were required to carefully carve the inside of the hardwood piece to accurately fit around the different protruding bricks and cinder blocks. We used our orbital saw, our power file and hand chisels to expertly carve the inside of the new piece to the required shape of the fitting.

We then attached the outer piece to the inner existing frame with 4" countersunk wood screws and embedded them deeper into the new hardwood single piece, so we could fill the holes after and provide a satisfactory look.

We made sure to have enough length to shape around the threshold too, but the shape of the brickwork still revealed a significantly different size gap at the bottom from the top.

The finished result is not perfect, but significantly improved from before and much longer lasting.

Way more competitively priced than complete door and frame replacement, the total end cost to the client was $870 including all parts and labor.

We caulked around the top and sides of the new trim and frame with water-resistant Silicone caulk (to protect from future wet weathering).

We suggested the client to paint the frame themselves at their convenience (as we are not professional painters). 
An interesting yet time consuming repair, that saved the client a lot of money and looks and operates great,

Remembering back to the beginning of this post, where we mentioned about poor workmanship often being a cause of future issues......

"if you only want to pay peanuts, expect to get monkeys"


"the pain of poor quality lasts long after the pleasure of cheap price is obtained"

April 10, 2019

Keyless Security Has Turned The Corner - No External Interface Means Nothing To Attack

VL464 Versatile Deadlock
Pictured here is the fabulous Versatile Deadlock from Outlocks, the distributor of Knock-N-Lock technology, we have previously discussed here over the years.

Knock-N-Lock technology is an upmarket Israeli designed and manufactured, high-security lock system that is virtually impregnable.


Because there is no external keyhole. No keyhole means nothing to attack.

This version of the deadbolt lock is available in hardwired or wireless (battery) operated versions.
It is rather industrial looking but is extremely secure because a would-be attacker will have no knowledge of it's location inside your door.

All Knock-N-Lock products operate with the use of a unique external keyfob

This keyfob is the only way to operate the product.

Following is a video that explains the unique locking system uses and how the technology works.
We have been receiving numerous inquiries from customers lately desiring the highest form of security, due to attackers finding methods to beat virtually all other systems they have installed.

There are a number of products made that we can show you after the break.
All operate with the use of the unique fob.

The product is in use in many Asian countries and is finding traction in North America too.

Tellcard Systems EGT - Awesome Standalone Commercial Digital Access Control Product

 The Tellcard EGT is one sensational product. I have fitted 2 of these commercial digital locks of late and they not only look very professional, they are simple to fit, straightforward to program and easy to operate.

I found these products on recommendation through The Society Of Professional Locksmiths, an organization of like minded professional locksmiths, where I am a founding member.

Tellcard offered a promotion a while back to get their products further into the market. Initially I was shy, but thought "why not".

And I'm very pleased with the end results. But more importantly, so are my customers.
 Inside view is as important as outside view, in my opinion because this is the point of view everyday users will see all the time. The Tellcard EGT houses a battery pack that is easily accessible meaning replacing batteries is a simple task.

Life expectancy of the battery pack with typical use (20,000 operations) in a year is about 12 months.

The extra nice feature of this product is that it is not only operable by battery. It also includes connections within for hard wiring, which means you can also hook it up to your internal alarm system and enjoy mains power without requiring to replace batteries. If power fails, the batteries will be your back up power to maintain access control.
 The particular fitting of this unit was to an existing door where someone had previously installed a handle and separate deadbolt. (You can see where the lazy installer used a knock in bolt instead of a correct wooden door installation bolt) This is the outside view of the application.

We were required to drill 2 additional holes, 1 just below the crossbore hole (deadbolt) and one a little farther below where the original commercial lever or knob would have been.
The inside view shows a clearer image of the original holes where the commercial lock once sat.

The end product and fitting, in the first image above displays a beautiful product that fits with the buildings decor and maintains a uniformity with other products in the building.

We also master keyed the mechanical key cylinder in the lever to allow for the building manager to enjoy unfettered access without having to have multiple differing keys for all doors in the building.

Learn more about Tellcard Systems by clicking on the link the source below.

The Society Of Professional Locksmiths continues to grow in stature and offers unique training and fraternity for aspiring locksmiths, click the link above to learn more.


April 9, 2019

ERA Bolts Makes Securing Unusual Doors A Painless Yet Simple Exercise

 A project we completed this week for a medical surgery was to help them comply with modern HIPPA codes that many AHJ's (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) are requiring medical surgery centers, across the country to comply with.

The call was received to find suitable and cost effective locking solutions to secure cabinets in patient examination rooms that hold drugs and supplies that need to be secured from unauthorized access.

Also requested was a solution to secure a set of double doors on a closet used for the centers computer server. The double door closet was unusual because the doors had been split in two, effectively creating four (4) separated leaves. We suggest this was done to minimize the space being used inside the server room, which also doubled as another patient examination room.

Era Bolt Installed Into Upper Leaf
Installing the ERA bolt, which is a door security bolt that uses a standard STAR type key and mortising it into the bottom of the upper door, allows a simple method for connecting the top leaf to the bottom leaf.

The upper leaf on both sides already have roller bolts that hold the top leaves into the steel door frame.

The ERA bolt is a simple install into the bottom of the upper door on both sides.
Chiseling The Strike Plate Into The Bottom Leaf

The bottom leaf of each door already had flush bolts installed to connect the bottoms to the floor beneath, so all that was required was a simple solution to connect top and bottom leaves.
Many other technicians choose to use surface mounted barrel bolts that sit on the inside surface of each door and while this is a simple and cost effective solution also, it means a user is required to reach around the rear of each door to operate the barrel bolts. The ERA bolt solution allows front operation using a standard key and is painless to perform easily.

In the first image above, you can see we installed a lever storeroom lock to match the upper door. Use of the locks individual key is required to open the lock and the handle cannot be left unlocked.
rather than simply providing the operating key to the authorized computer server technician, we decided to install a Supra mechanical combination key box to the metal frame of the door, to house the operating key. This onsite container means that the server technician is not responsible for possessing the operating key and potentially losing it, requiring the lock to be rekeyed. A user with the combination can access the mechanical key box onsite to operate the door lock. This also offer a significantly inexpensive option to battery operated door locks that require the constant need to replace batteries.

Supra Mechanical Combination Key Box Installed To Door Frame

The actual original request was to install cupboard locks to selected cabinets. We used CompX Double Door Hidden Cupboard locks to provide simple security to double door cabinets and simple cupboard locks on cabinets in each patient examination room.

View the attached link for more details on the simplicity and effectiveness of the CompX double door locking solution

How To Secure A Double Door Cabinet Using Only One Lock 

April 8, 2019

Cannon Safe Digital Lock Replacement

A few weeks ago we were referred by a continuing client (who has been regularly using our services for about 10 years now), to a parishioner who required some professional services to help with her malfunctioning safe.

The safe in question is made by Cannon Safe Company and is a large 2000lb container most often used as a rifle safe but in this case became the safe for the family business records.

The safe was originally purchased about 20 years ago and worked flawlessly for that time. It used a LaGard brand digital safe combination lock with a purpose made digital dial with the company logo (a canon) on it.

Cannon sold the safe with a lifetime warranty and honored that warranty by sending out a replacement lock and digital dial. The only issue was the customer having tremendous difficulty communicating with Cannon customer service. First, they took 30 minutes to answer the phone, then they kept the customer on hold for 3 hours before dropping the call. The customer called back 3 times with the same result each time, before seeking outside assistance.

Her parish piut her in contact with me and I attended the site, rang and spoke with customer service, organized a replacement lock and the whole call took 45 minutes total.

I then attended a week later to complete the install along with some extra jobs requested.

See the images below

First image is safe with original lock on it
Interior image 

Image of interior mechanism
wired to lock

Oldlock on left, new lock on right

Original lock on left, new lock on right
Digital lock button sticker needs to be removed to access the connecting screws 

finished project

March 26, 2019

Continuous Hinges _ Not Just For Aluminum Shopfront Doors

We are often called in by homeowners to find cost-effective solutions for door repairs.

Often a home owner may be trying to sell their property and an inspection reveals items that require to be fixed before a sale can take place.

The images below show a basement door on a 100+ year home, where the door butts up against the cinder block foundation wall. this door opens inward and as you can see, the top of the door hits the floor joist, not allowing the door to travel fully.

The home owner had attempted to simply replace the hinges, but their attempted repair failed because the wood in the frame was rotten and the screws wouldn't hold.

Typically in this situation, the recommended solution would be to replace the entire door and frame. that can be a costly endeavor, especially because many similar situations require custom made doors and frames, that are often quite dear.

 The first image shows the door detached from the frame at the bottom and you can see the top of the door is taller than the floor joist.
 the second image shows the external side of the same door.

You can see that the old door is in a state of disrepair and the hinge at the bottom has nothing to screw to.

We could have simply moved the hinge higher to a new location, but we couldn't be sure that the wood was not also rotten there too.

Our solution is a long term fix because the continuous hinge we installed (which is more often used to repair shopfront aluminum doors) comes with a 50 year warranty.
The completed installation of the continuous hinge, required us to cut about 4" from the top of the hinge.

The continuous hinge is screwed on like a typical piano hinge, in that it applies completely along the edge of the door and frame.

The correct installation of a continuous hinge ensures long term use. they are held to both door and frame using about 10 screws on each leaf. We installed it to the surface of the door and frame, which allowed us to screw into fresh (not rotten) wood.

The finished result looks great and the door works easily like it should.

Total time for repair ~2 hours.

Continuous hinges are not cheap. But quality products are often pricey and come with sometimes lifetime guarantees.

We continue to install increased quantities of continuous hinges to shopfront aluminum doors, where the top and/or bottom pivots wear quite quickly. A continuous hinge is the most cost-effective and simple repair method for many single door applications and the products are not limited to just shopfront aluminum applications.

Contacting your local locksmith would be your first stop in getting quality professional door repair services, with technicians that can advise the different options.

March 25, 2019

Meroni Nova Colors And Functions

In answer to a recent customer inquiry about some color finish options, to replace the locksets installed on their doors at home about 20+ years ago, we decided to put together actual live images photographed ourselves in our home studio light box. Not being professional photographers we hope the images below sufficiently display the actual colors you will see if you fit the lock sets to your doors at home or the office....

Click on the image for larger pictures.

 This color finish is Nickel Aluminum finish

Code: N11 Passage Set
Color NA

Also available in N12 Privacy (bathroom) function
 this finish is PE or Pearl Grey (off white)

Code: N11 Passage
Color: PE

Also available in Privacy (bathroom) function
 Interior view
 This image displays the US2B Satin Stainless Steel color

Code: N11 Passage
Color US2B

Also available in Privacy (bathroom) function

 inside view
 This is the white handle with black buttons

Code: N12 Privacy
Color: BO White

Also available in Passage function
 This image displays the N12 Privacy in GG Gun Metal White

Code: N12 Privacy
Color GG Gun Metal White

Also available in Passage function
 inside view
 This image displays the N12 Privacy (bathroom) function in Gun Metal Grey

Code: N12 Privacy
Color: GW Gun Metal Grey

Also available in Passage function
 Inside view
 This image displays the N12 Privacy (bathroom) function is satin brass ALIA (brass buttons and face caps)

Code: N12

Color: US4 ALIA

Also available in Passage function
 inside view
 This image displays the N12 Privacy (bathroom) function in US4 Satin Brass (with black buttons and face caps)

Code N12
Color US4 Satin Brass

Also available in Passage function
 inside view
 This image displays the N12 Privacy (bathroom) function in US26 Alia, Polished Chrome

Code N12 privacy
Color US26 Alia (chrome buttons and face caps)

Also available in N11 passage function
 inside view
 This image displays the N12 Privacy (bathroom) function in US26D Satin Chrome

Note that the color is very similar to the first image above although it is slightly different.

Code: N12 privacy
Color US26 Satin Chrome (with black buttons and face caps)

Also available in N11 Passage function

Inside view

The colors displayed above are just some of the available colors we have in stock.
We also have Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Brown, Polished Brass and others.

Many of the colors listed above can also be special ordered in:
N13 - Keyed Entry Version
N14 - Hotel Room Function (outside handle without push button) key only releases latch, inside handle always unlocked for emergency escape,
N15 - Double cylinder (key unlocks from either inside or outside),
N17 - Entry (key unlocks outside button, inside always unlocked),
N20 - Fixed Dummy Knobs (like for a cupboard door that doesnt require locking),
N21 - Outside fixed knob (no button)
N24 - Hotel Indicator Function (outside knob without push button, unlocked only by key; inside thumbturn activates occupancy indicator if provided)\

Normally, all Meroni hardware is custom built to order.
Be aware that there are varying length latches: 60mm (2-3/8"), 70mm (2-3/4"), 80mm (3") and 127mm (5"). latches are available in round ended or square ended faceplates, rebated (rabbited) version, most latches can be ordered with a security deadlatching function too.
Also, there are varying styles and colors of roses too. The standard rose (pictured in the images above) is black nylon. Other roses are available in black metal, satin stainless steel, polished chrome plate, satin brass, brown, antique brass (corinthian).

We do have sufficient stock of most colors in privacy and passage function.

Prices vary based on your custom requirements, contact us for individual pricing.

March 5, 2019

Battery Operated Lock Products Found Wanting - Are You Aware Of The Pitfalls?

There are many and varied brands of wireless digital door locks currently in the wider market. Many of these products we have discussed in this website and picture here. Many of the pictured products here operate on small batteries, either AA, AAA, 9V or even watch cell batteries. The market is quite vast with many of the leading manufacturers in the world also producing a wireless battery powered product to corner some market share too.
 I think it is somewhat interesting, having traveled abroad recently, that not as many European countries appear to share the fascination for wireless battery powered locks, quite like the USA.

I remember traveling to Canada a few years ago and noticed very few instances of wireless digital locks installed on residences and buildings there too.
So, this begs the question as to why there appears to be a consumer fascination for these electronic gadgets, especially in the largest market in the world, the USA.
 Having recently returned from abroad, I noticed that hardwired digital lock systems and access control products appear to be more favored there. Hardwired products offer significant longevity and advantages to wireless battery operation, but essentially there is never, ever a need to have to replace batteries. Replacing batteries, while an inconvenience, is a hidden ongoing cost, rarely considered by consumers.
 There are also a great many and varied commercial products in the wireless genre that continue to come to market, offering increased access control and some also include audit trails, among other desired traits. These products too require constant and never ending battery replacement to ensure correct and continuing operations. Often there will be a maintenance manager or janitor employed in a building responsible for replacing batteries and keeping every thing working normally. And when a product fails, it is often because lax maintenance is responsible. Batteries are not replaced timely enough and staff find themselves locked out, through no fault of their own.
 Some upmarket commercial access control products of the wireless variety are very good quality and offer some advantages to mechanical keyed systems, but they too require constant battery replacements to ensure continued operations.
There are some very interesting and quite good looking products that are quite functional on offer across the world. many also use remote fobs to lock or unlock and, of course, these remote fobs require batteries replaced too. The hidden costs are not discussed by manufacturers or retailers and many consumers are in the dark about the longterm disadvantages of having to constantly replace batteries.
 We have been selling the wireless battery operated electric strike, here for a few years now, but this product is not immune either to the continuing need to replace batteries.
We are also the North American distributor for the fabulous Meroni line of lock products and even their digital battery operated product requires continual battery replacement for continued operation,

 The issues listed above about battery life are not the only problems plaguing the wireless lock industry. Many brands also use motor driven deadbolts that require the door and frame to be in perfect alignment so the bolt can enter the strike and frame. If there is door movement or weathering, frames can move and impede the natural locking/unlocking of your product. Other use issues occur due to poorly installed doors. Most doors found in America today, on residential homes and even some commercial dwellings are built from wooden doors and frames, often installed using short screws in the hinges to attach to the frame.
 The IBC (International Building Code) accepted and gazetted by many American localities, demand that the height of the operating door handle be 36" from the floor. When the original building code was written by the Army Corp Of Engineers in 1949, the average height of an American Adult was 5'6" tall, while today the average height (male/female) is 5'10" tall.
 Understanding a persons height is important because the average door is about 6'8" tall in North America. In many other countries, people install their locks significantly higher. The reason is simple. The lower the handle, the likelihood of you pushing down on the handle is higher and that continued downward pressure contributes to door sagging. The half inch screws in your hinges cannot take the weight of the door combined with constant pushing down on the handle, so the door drops. You often see this by the rubbing of the upper portion of your door on the frame and a wider gap at the top on the lock side than the gap on the hinge side. Also, sometimes your door will drag on the floor.
 I do a fair amount of commercial locksmith and door repair work and often see these electronic battery operated locks in the field. I often ask my customers as to their happiness with the products. Many, who have been using them for quite some time, have realized that the chore of constantly replacing batteries is becoming far too common and often and they make the choice to remove batteries altogether, preferring to go back to the mechanical, maintenance free key lock system.
 So what do i recommend?

I'm glad you asked.
I always ask the customer why they want a digital door lock in the first place.
Most simply desire the convenience of not having to carry a key and that they cannot be locked out if they have a combination.
I then ask how often they have had to replace batteries.
The most common answer I get is, "once every 2-3 months, sometimes more".

 When I press a little bit further, the clients who might have had them for longer, often indicate that after the fourth time replacing the batteries, they simply go back to using the mechanical key.

This indicates to me that many customers are now using their you beaut $250+ wireless battery operated door lock identically to when they simply had a mechanical key. Many keyed door locks cost significantly less than $250+, so that is a clear indication (to me) that they are not receiving the value for their money.
 With WiFi and Bluetooth and NFC components being included in many later models of battery operated door locks, there is more requirement for power to be able to use the products. Why would you rely on batteries constantly to power these power hungry products? Batteries can only last so long, no? And often they will fail when you least expect them or require them.
As to my recommendations on products that can offer the best of both worlds, you might consider the Kaba Powerplex digital door  lock that uses an electro-mechanical power module embedded within, that when the handle is turned, the unit powers up enough juice to enter your combination. No need to ever replace batteries yet still the convenience of electronic combination entry.
Certainly not cheap. Quality products cost more of course, but the Kaba Powerplex delivers where other products fail.

In the next week I will be repairing a customers back door mechanical door lock. They initially requested another electronic deadbolt for the convenience of not having to carry a key. (my service call that day to them was to unlock another digital door lock that wasnt operating. It was of course a flat battery) I recommended that they install a mechanical key box like the Supra brand wall mounted heavy duty mechanical digital key box to the cement wall outside their home and place their operating key inside. That way they can maintain the original lock on the door and still enjoy the convenience of not having to carry their key, for the paltry cost of about $35 plus installation.

The choice is yours. I'd be interested to hear your comments in the box below. Comments are subject to moderation.

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Danny was very professional and friendly at the same time. He not only gave me the quote and fixed the exterior door and explained his work. He was prompt and upfront about the work and did the work. He came in time took care of it on the same day. (Sasheethn K St Louis MO) June 2018d out problems but assured not urgent. Please feel free to have Danny pass out my number for my total experience review 314-351-5553

Charlie M. (St Louis, MO) November 2015

Danny was pleasure to meet and was very knowledgable. He explained several lock replacement options but I decided none of them were a good fit for a storm door, however, I did replace a lock on my entry door with a type of lock I had never seen before. I would highly recommend this company.
Patricia J (Bridgeton, MO) March 2014
They were prompt and showed up when he said he would show up. He knew his stuff. I had ordered new handles and he was honest enough to say that we don't need them that he can fix the doors and he did. Made me lock and unlock my doors to his satisfaction so that I knew what to do. Am very, very pleased with the service and cost.
Joyce K (Glencoe, MO) May 2015

Showed up on time for appointment. Was very knowledgeable about the project and offered a solution beyond what I asked to be done.
Stephen G (Chesterfield, MO) May 2015

Daniel was right on time, assessed the problems I had with two doors, made the repairs, and explained what caused the problems to begin with .... He is a "door expert" and a true professional. I highly recommend him.

Vince V (St. Louis MO) May, 2015

Danny was fabulous! He went over my concerns and he provided me with more than a fair quote. He was there when he said he was going to be there. I would highly recommend Danny. Cheers!
Denise S (Imperial, MO) May 8, 2014

Hired Danny to re-key locks on "new" house purchase. He advised to replace with new deadbolts & door knobs on 3 entry doors instead which I agreed with. All doors have 1 matching key & the safety of excellent quality product & workmanship. He also added new strike plate to door frame to complete project.. I recommend as your 1st & only call to a Locksmith.

Denise F (St. Louis, MO) April 3, 2014

Danny was very helpful in solving a pretty complex problem involving many lock.
Scott C (Eureka, MO) March 27, 2014

Needed patio door track to run smoothly. Arrived early, fixed door and explained what he was doing during repair. Quick and easy. Door works great, my wife will now speak to me, and I've become a better dancer.

Mike W. (Arnold/Oakville MO) July 2013

The owner spent a longtime with me on the phone helping diagnosis the problem. He was on-time, friendly and helped resolve my issue. I will definitely use him again!

Chris C (Lake St Louis, MO) July 2013

I had a very pleasant experience with Master Key Systems. They came out, did the job (which took longer than expected) and they did not change the price they quoted me. Now, I am not certain that it was a great value for the money because I don't have a comparison, but they did what they said, when they said, for the price they said. Enough said!!!

Antonio B (Saint Louis, Missouri) March 2013

Professional.. Upfront about charges. Fixed the sticky door within 20 minutes. I will recommend Master Key for exterior door issues.
Muthu R (Ballwin, MO) July 2012

Danny was a master craftsman, knowledgable and professional. I will be calling on him again in the future as well as passing on his services to friends and family.

Marsha L (Saint Louis, MO) July 2012

Danny was excellent! I called him on a Monday to fix a sliding glass door. He happened to have the exact part we needed (and it was not an easy find - we had looked everywhere) and he came over Tuesday evening. He stayed until 8:00 until the job was done, and cleaned up afterwards. He was courteous, professional, and efficient! I could not be happier!

Rachel P Maryland Heights, MO (July 2012)

He did an excellent job. Got there on time and quickly solved the issue. Was very pleasant and explained the situation and how to keep the door from sticking in the future. Would definitely use Master Key LLC again!

Neil F. (Saint Louis, MO) April 2012

Danny was very friendly and knowledgeable, although his apprentice seemed to do most of the work, Danny kept an eye on him to make sure it was done right. He had very reasonable pricing for re-keying.
Greg D (St Louis, MO) October 2011

He was extrememly fabulous and helpful and did a wonderful job. He was very professional.
Shannon M. (Arnold, MO) October 2011

Growing up spending so much of my time in Italy, the uniqueness of the Nova Classico left quite an impression on me. To be able to have and enjoy them in my own home here in the states is a nostalgic indulgence I'm enjoying beyond words. Thank you Danny for coordinating this transaction.

Joseph M (Chicago, IL) September 2011

great job. hired on the spot and he did job right then at great price

Ron B (Arnold, MO) July 2011

I searched the internet and found your services. I received three phone calls within several days. A service call was scheduled. Two gentlemen arrived promptly, analyzed the problem and fixed it.
James & Florenc M Saint Louis, MO July 2011

The repairman was on time and did an excellent job of fixing a very stubborn door lock. He was persistent and cleaned up the work area afterwards. I would use this service again.

Brenda F (Saint Peters, MO) June 2011

Danny at Master Key Systems has succeeded in making the purchasing of our Meroni door locks, from Italy, an absolute breeze. Even though I live in Australia with a 16hr time difference and was ordering door knobs from Italy that weren't in stock, the whole process was faultless. Danny was prompt and efficient with all his emails and made sure we had covered every possible variable so that the product I received was exactly as required. I would have no hesitation in recommending Danny for your next purchase.
Patrick Carr (Canberra, Australia)

Your product really helped because I needed to secure a nurse's station adjacent to a waiting room and needed a pocket door. Unfortunately, no real options were available to lock a pocket door effectively that would keep me compliant with HIPAA and secure an area that stores medical supplies. This was vitally important as this particular waiting room was for "waiting detox patients". Thank you very much.
Randall R The Fritz Clinic (Birmingham, Al) March 2011

Danny was very polite and knew what the problem was and how to fix it. He also gave me some information about other issues that could arise with my door and locks. Will hire again if I ever need that type of work done.
Jason M Imperial, MO March 2011

I had an exterior basement door that dragged when opening and closing. The hinges were not fitting properly and the door frame had shifted, probably due to the age of the house.The screwswould not go far enough into the wall without hitting stone...even using a special drill bit. Dan worked a long time drilling and sanding to shore up the door as best as possible. I know it will never be perfect. He could have easily sold me a new door and the same issue would happen. He was honest, thorough, and did an excellent job without charging me a fortune. I'm satisfied with the door now. If you want an honest, experienced man, Then Dan is the man

Roger M Saint Louis, MO March 2011

I purchased the Cowdroy P697 Pocket door lock with key over the internet. I emailed questions before my purchase and was provided with the answers quickly by return email. The purchase was quick and easy and the lock was shipped immediatly. Installation is quick and easy. But you do need to convert millimeters to inches (use the internet) in the installation instructions. And the lock looks great and works great. I will do business with them again. THANK YOU

Ed D (February, 2011)

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